Inspection is the first of five steps to mitigating water damage. It’s crucial that your technician have the training and experience to thoroughly assess and map the extent of water migration. Sometimes that extent is obvious even to the untrained eye but there are many situations where it isn’t. Our certified technicians have the diagnostic equipment and expertise to thoroughly map out the course and perimeter of water damage so that when we remove the last piece of drying equipment from your property you can be certain there won’t be any secondary cosmetic or microbial growth damage. Your health and safety is our highest priority.

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Extraction and Cleaning

Extraction is the second step toward recovering from water damage. This is where excess water is mechanically removed either by vacuum or pump. 24/7 Flood Response has an array of equipment for either method. Our goal is to return your property to its pre-loss condition quickly as possible and the amount of excess water we remove during the extraction phase of mitigation will determine that. With unsanitary water special care is given to disinfect surfaces that are to be left in place. Your health and safety is our highest priority.

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Drying Services

Our drying services incorporate the last three steps of water mitigation which are evaporation, dehumidification, and monitoring. Evaporation occurs when air passes over wet materials and dehumidification by removing the evaporated water from the air. We have hundreds and fans, dehumidifying, and specialty equipment on hand to mitigate any water damage crisis effectively and we pride ourselves on our ability to dry losses very quickly. Careful placement of drying equipment and timely monitoring of progress means your inconvenience is kept to a minimum and we guarantee to dry wet materials below the threshold where any microbial growth can occur. Your health and safety is our highest priority.

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Mold Removal in Puget Sound

Discovering mold is alarming. Over 50 molds are considered problematic, including Stachybotrys, more commonly known as "black mold". Mold spores release dangerous mycotoxins when disturbed creating a variety of reactions from minor irritation up to and in rare cases death. Mold in excess should only be removed by a certified microbial growth technician. When disturbed, mold defends itself by ejecting millions of spores into the air so it’s crucial to employ strict procedures abating it. Our microbial growth specialists will identify the extent of mold affected areas, recommend a plan to remediate it in a way that will prevent cross contamination to unaffected areas, and then eradicate it. In addition to addressing the mold itself your technician will help identify the water intrusion that created mold in the first place so you can be sure it won’t return once finished materials are replaced. Your health and safety is our highest priority.

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Hazardous Waste Cleaning

Discovering black or category three water messes can be devastating especially when it goes unnoticed for a period of time. We respond quickly to minimize the spread of unsanitary water, extract excess effluent, remove any affected finished materials, and sanitize and dry any affected structural materials. Our standard is to leave areas affected by unsanitary water cleaner than before the water damage occurred and our use of green products will leave you with peace of mind. Your health and safety is our highest priority.

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Content Manipulation

When your furnishings or other belongings prevent us from properly mitigating a water loss we offer to move those contents so you don’t have to. We use furniture sliders and foam blocks to prevent stresses on furnishings. We also offer pack-up services for salvageable belongings and itemization and disposal services of non-salvageable belongings. Salvageable contents affected by unsanitary water are given special attention to ensure they are fully disinfected. Your health and safety is our highest priority.

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Removal of Non-salvageable Building Materials

We make every effort to dry and save building materials as long as it’s cost effective and poses no health threat. When this isn’t possible we carefully remove those materials in a manner that demonstrates respect to your home or business and you. Floor protection and shoe covers are used to prevent damage, flood cut walls are made straight and every speck of dust and debris is cleaned up afterwards so it’s not blown around your home by air movers. Our standard is to leave areas cleaner than before the damage occurred. Your health and safety is our highest priority.

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Damage Repair in Puget Sound

When it isn’t prudent or possible to dry affected materials we not only remove them but also offer complete repairs so you only have to hire one company. Our repair staff includes project managers with decades of experience, skilled craftsman, designers, and even a former adjuster to eliminate headaches with your insurance company. We do everything from small drywall patch and paint jobs, to restoring hardwood floors, to full kitchen and bath replacements. Between our in-house skilled craftsman and network of proven sub-contractors we can build it better than before with countless upgrade options!

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Direct Insurance Billing

Water damage accounts for more than 75% of property claims and filing one can be intimidating. For this reason we’ve carefully cultivated working relationships with insurance carriers over the years because you need a water damage company that works hand in hand with you and your insurance company for a quick resolution. We offer direct billing to all insurance companies and direct negotiating as well. This means we don’t send the bill to your insurance company and then send one to you for a leftover balance like other companies do. Our guarantee is that once your deductible is satisfied you won’t incur any charges for our work related to the covered portion of your claim unless otherwise disclosed at the time of service. And in cases where we believe coverage may not apply we give straight answers. Water damage is surprising enough; you can allow us to start work right away without the fear of another “surprise” later. We help make the claims process as painless as possible for you.