Click here to expand details on our 8-step process to get you back to normal again
  • step one
    Step one: Thorough inspection to confirm the source and extent of the water damage.
  • step two
    Step two: Immediate relocation of undamaged or restorable contents and furnishings to an unaffected area, including full documentation.
  • step three
    Step three: Initial extraction of excess standing water to prevent further migration.
  • step four
    Step four: Relocation of non-salvageable contents and furnishings, including full documentation of items of value.
  • step five
    Step five: Removal of any non-salvageable building materials and fixtures or salvageable fixtures when required to address inaccessible wet or suspected wet areas.
  • step six
    Step six: Final extraction and detailed cleaning of entire work area, including hospital grade sanitization of remaining affected structure.
  • step seven
    Step seven: Placement of mechanical drying equipment to rapidly remove moisture trapped in the remaining structure. We back our drying services with a one year warranty against mold and other secondary damage.
  • step eight
    Step eight: Restoring your damaged home to its original condition. The experts at 24/7 Flood Response can do it all, from drywall patching and painting, to restoring hardwood floors and replacing cabinetry. We’ll restore your damaged areas to pre-loss or better condition, guaranteed!

Water Damage Repair for Olympia Home and Business Property

water-damage-olympia-waHas your home or business property in Olympia, WA been devastated by water damage? You need capable experts to control, minimize and resolve your water damage in Olympia, not unprofessional technicians adding to your woes with improper water damage cleanup and repair.

That is why Olympia residents should leave your water damage repair to 24/7 Flood Response. Our services for resolving your water damage problem are marked by:

  • •    Respect for you and your property
  • •    Concern for your investment
  • •    Care for your comfort
  • •    Commitment to your full satisfaction

From a quick response to assistance with you insurance claim to impeccable cleanup and repair to caring customer service, we offer everything necessary for your stress-free recovery from water damage in Olympia.

Flood Damage Services Available 24/7 for Olympia Residents

flood-damage-olympia-waDelayed flood damage services (even if by only a few hours) can cause additional flood damage issues, such as mold or further deterioration of walls, floors or ceilings.  We make sure your flood damage in Olympia is no more than what is unavoidable by offering 24/7 flood damage services.

We are available at all hours of the day/night and strive to reach our Olympia customers in the shortest possible time after receiving your call for flood damage services. We treat your flood damage situation as the emergency it is.

We get your flood damage cleanup started at the earliest time possible and then work fast to complete the flood damage restoration so that your:

  • •    Life is soon back to normal
  • •    Business gets back on track
  • •    Property gets restored and shows no signs of flood damage

Why Choose Us for Water Damage Cleanup in Olympia?

water-damage-cleanup-olympia-waThere is no denying the fact that fast action in dealing with water or flood damage is very essential. At the same time, a hasty decision in choosing the flood or water damage cleanup company should be avoided.

Olympia residents should call us for speedy water damage cleanup services that come without compromising on the quality of water damage cleanup and don’t overly strain your wallet.

We are driven by our excellent reputation in the water damage cleanup industry and work hard to maintain it through:

  • •    Timely water damage cleanup
  • •    Careful, detail-oriented flood damage cleanup
  • •    Fair-priced cleanup and repair services
  • •    Friendly water damage cleanup services

With us, Olympia property owners can be confident that your water damage cleanup has been delivered in the fastest and most efficient, professional and cost-effective way.

For water damage cleanup and flood damage restoration services that are second to none, Olympia residents should call 24/7 Flood Response. Dial 253 218-3588.